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Lil Wayne - Guinness World Record

Best Social Media Manager

I would be very surprised if you haven’t heard of “Lil Wayne”. He is an American rap star who has had a very successful career. I don’t care if you like or dislike Lil wayne, you better respect his social media skills. Lil Wayne has over 20 Million likes on his fan page and he recently took the Guinness World Record for most “likes” on a post in Facebook in 24 hours.

A couple hours after Oreo (the company that makes the cookies) announced that they claimed the record with 114,619 likes, Lil Wayne posted a status that would dominate the record. The Rapper posted, “everyone, please ‘like’ this post. I’m trying to break the Guinness World Record for most ‘likes’ on a post in 24 hours. Let’s get it!!!” 

Soon after, Lil Wayne and his fans obliterated the record with 588,243 likes. He took the Record from Oreo after the company only had the record for only a couple hours. You are probably thinking, “Well Lil Wayne has more fans on his Facebook”. That is true, but not by much. At the time, Oreo had 16,711,040 fans, and Lil Wayne had 20,112,726. Yes, this is a huge advantage, but that doesn’t explain why he got 5 times as many ‘likes’.

It all boils down to social media marketing and management. There is a correct strategy to use when posting status updates and interacting with friends. If the strategy is implemented correctly, you will receive much larger page interaction. That is the job of a social media manager. I mean, do you seriously think Lil Wayne manages his Facebook and Twitter Pages? 


Wherever You Go, Social Media Will Follow…

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How to Invite your Friends to your Facebook Fan Page

Best Social Media Manager

I want to share some valuable tips and tools for you to use on your social media pages. We all know that social media isn’t rocket science, it is something that takes time and strategy. Many people don’t have time to figure out all the short cuts, that is why I want to start posting helpful tips for the everyday social media user.

Today I want to talk about Facebook. A lot of people have been asking me, “how do I invite my friends from my main profile to my fanpage. So, I made a post to explain it. It is actually very simple to do.

All you have to do is login to your facebook account, go to your facebook fan page but don’t click “use facebook as your page”. Then click on the invite friends link on the right hand side. It will allow you to click on which friends you want to invite! I believe it lets you invite 25 friends at a time.

So go ahead and give it a try! Invite all of your friends on your main page and hopefully they will go to your page and ‘like’! We all know that it can be difficult gaining likes on Facebook. Another thing you can do is message one of your friends and ask them to suggest your page to their friends. Everyone has different friends. Some of his friends might be in your friendslist but there is definitely going to be some new friends that will ‘like’ your page!

I hope this is helpful for everyone. If you still don’t see where the ‘invite friends’ link is located, look at the picture that I uploaded. It is a screenshot of my facebook fan page, so you can see exactly what I am talking about!


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